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Suspension replacements & upgrades

Vehicle suspension is such a vital component to the ride of your car & how it interacts with the road that we list it as one of our specialities. Suspension is important to ensure your tyres are in contact with the road so your steering & braking is optimised. Naturally we include suspension in our primary service offering.

Suspension springs, struts & shocks

Thanks to OZ TEC & XYZ Auto Parts, we can install a range of suspension parts.

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FOX are industry leaders in the design & manufacturing of high performance suspension & shock absorbers. FOX equipped vehicles & racers have made podium appearances in every sport they have competed in – from the sands of Baja to the dunes of Dakar.

BILSTEIN have been synonymous with the highest quality suspension technology for over 50 years.

Causes of suspension wear & tear

All suspension parts will wear over time. Unexpected bumps in the road, hard cornering, long drives & repeatedly driving over corrugated surfaces can fast track suspension wear & tear.
If you are using your 4WD vehicle for off-road wheeling regularly you should have your suspension checked more often than most passenger vehicles.

What are the effects of poor suspension?

There are telltale signs that your suspension is failing. The comfort of the ride is probably one of the biggest indicators. If you are experiencing a rough ride or the car feels stiff on the road, you should have your suspension checked as it can affect other aspects of the ride, like wheel alignment. Having your wheels aligned correctly will prolong the life of your tyres.

How to check your suspension

A quick & easy way to check your suspension is the bounce test. Push down hard on the front side of your car, followed by the rear of the car. If it feels soft & bouncy, this could indicate a suspension issue.

East Coast Tyre & Auto provide a complimentary suspension test with every mechanical & tyre or wheel service we provide.

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